New Bell Choir Forming >     Some of you may not know that a few years ago we were blessed with beautiful hand bells that were donated by church members. They have been sitting in the closet for the past few years, unused, and we would like to change that. Hand bells are amazing for a few reasons. They make beautiful music and will add so much to our worship service. Plus, if you have never played an instrument and don’t read a single note you can still play hand bells. If you can highlight your music and ring a bell, you can play! No kidding! And hand bells can be played by young and old and everyone in between. The hard part is that, unlike a voice choir, there is only one person playing each part, so each ringer is needed at each practice. So as not to overwhelm anyone we have decided to make this a one month commitment each time we play. For instance, the first time we play will hopefully be Advent. So we would practice for four weeks and then ring in worship that Sunday. Then maybe we would ring again at Lent, so we would pull them back out and practice for four weeks and then ring them one Sunday in Lent. So no ringer is ever committing to more than one month of weekly practices & a Sunday service. If you have any questions or think you may be interested please see Pastor Dawn.

Senior Choir >     We praise the Lord with anthems and hymns during our worship service. We are under the direction of Jim Slingerland, our talented organist, and are accompanied by our church's historical pipe organ. Rehersals are at 7 pm on Thursdays (during the academic year).

Children's Choir >     The focus is teaching children that song is a natural and fun activity that is used to praise God.

Men's Ensemble >     The focus is to provide meditative and inspirational music during the celebration of Holy Communion.

Contempory Ensemble >     The focus is to share contemporary Christian worship songs during the weekly worship service.

To Clap or Not >     Every week I find myself facing the same dilemma in church and I know I'm not the only one. When our choir(s) sings I can imagine the Heavens rejoicing. They lift their beautiful voices and the music Jim plays so wonderfully with his God given talents in praise and worship for our Lord. Yet at the same time we are the benefactors of that as well. So I never know if I should clap or not. As a young person in our church I don’t remember people clapping, yet they are so good, anywhere outside of the church and we'd be clapping for sure. So I just want you to know, I silently applaud you every week and feel blessed that you are part of our church service and worship. Praise God from who all blessings flow. ~ Anonomous