Community Dinners >     To the Pastor & Members of the First Reformed Church, We would like to thank you for the wonderful service you are providing to our community. The warm atmosphere and dinners you provide on Wednesdays are a blessing to many.

Colts Neck Reformed >     In early February we hosted the youth choirs from Colts Neck Reformed (NJ). What a beautiful program they gave, so much talent and an amazing expression of their faith in God. (And even a little Beatles mu-sic!) It was a joy for all of us! Thank you to all our host families and a special thank you to Mary Bissett for arranging all of the details. We couldn't have done it without her help! Thanks also to Lori and Bruce Robinson for hosting a delicious dinner, for all who brought dishes to share and to the Simonians for getting all the packed lunch items for Sunday. It was a wonderful weekend!

New Hymnals >     A HUGE thank you to Melanie Bowman & Amy Bailey for all their hard work to help us get our new hymn books; from the orders to the labels to the distribution. Please thank them when you see them. Thank you as well to all who contributed toward the purchase of our hymn books.

Teachers & Worship Leaders >     A huge thank you to all of our Sunday School teachers, as well our Chil-dren & Worship leaders. We are so thankful and indebted to these dedicated volunteers who teach and guide each and every week.

Nursery >     Thank you to Sarah Smith who takes care of our littlest members each week.

Youth Groups >     Thank you to all of our youth leaders who plan, lead & care for our junior and senior high kids.

This Church Family >     How wonderful to be part of the family that sits downs to meals, works on projects, cleans where we gather, studies God's Word, gets creative, makes music, sings, praises, prays, comforts and loves one another. This family has shared tears of Love, Laughter and Pain, We've been the comforter and the comforted. As time passes in this place, we continue to get to know one another better and better and grow closer to God as we search out his plans for us. Thank You God for such an amazing church family, its Pastor, its members and its community. These are all Huge blessings for our jars. Amen. ~ anonymous