Community Dinners >     To the Pastor & Members of the First Reformed Church, We would like to thank you for the wonderful service you are providing to our community. The warm atmosphere and dinners you provide on Wednesdays are a blessing to many.

Two New Overhead Garage Doors >     A huge thank you to Eric Meichtry and Leo's Doors for donating & installing beautiful, new garage doors on the parsonage! What a kind and generous gift. They look great!

Snow Removal >     Thank you to Janice and Wayne Ernst who have made sure our parking lot and entrances are cleared and safe this winter!

Roast Pork Dinner Thank You >     Many thanks for the numerous helping hands that helped to make the Roast Pork Dinner a huge success again this year. A special thanks for the donation of milk, potatoes and those who baked pies. We served over 300 dinners this year. This is possible because of the help and support of many.

Mitten Tree >     We have been collecting hats, mittens, scarves, gloves again this year for our Mitten Tree. This year’s donation will go to Doors of Hope, St. Paul's and Seton Health Auxiliary. We collected scarves, adult hat & mitten sets, children hat and mitten sets, pairs of gloves, pairs of adult mittens, children mittens; adult hats, and baby hats.

Care Packages >     Thank you to everyone who donated, baked, cookies, candies, snacks, etc. for our college kids. What a nice surprise to let them know they are cared for by their FRCW family. Thank you to all who helped package them up and to the Sunday school class who made them beautiful cards.

Heritage Day >     Thank you to everyone who made Heritage Day extra special. Wow, a lot of hard work went into that day and the majority of it from Jim Alpaugh with Pastor Dawn as his helper. Thanks for all your hard work and for everyone else helped out to make that such a special day

Cooking and Creating Camp >     In the two weeks of our Summer Camp we had 32 great children learning to sew, cook, bake, craft and learn who their neighbors are and how to love and serve them. Additionally, almost 30 adults volunteered to work with the children. The kitchen food was donated to Joseph's House. This included over the two weeks: 242 bags of Chex mix, 23 packs of chocolate chip cookies, 36 packs of peanut butter cookies, 50 packs of oatmeal raisin cookies, 19 loaves of pumpkin bread, 14 banana breads, 8 zucchini breads, 3 apple breads, 180 rice krispie treats, 87 peanut butter brownies, 92 blonde brownies, and 305 fudge brownies. The younger group hosted a brunch for the senior members of the congregation which included breakfast casseroles, baked breads, fruit salad and coffee and orange juice. The older group provided weekend meals for Joseph’s House which included tuna salad and egg salad for sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, chicken and vegetable casseroles, corn muffins, tossed salad, and white, chocolate and spice sheet cakes. Also, many beautifully decorated cupcakes. In the sewing and craft room, the kids were busy sewing and creating up a storm. We made 18 fleece blankets, 42 rice bags, 29 pocket pillows, 28 pillow cases and 32 Christmas ornaments. A huge thank you to everyone who donated supplies to the camp and especially those who shared their time and talents! We couldn’t have done it without you!!

Teachers & Worship Leaders >     A huge thank you to all of our Sunday School teachers, as well our Children & Worship leaders. We are so thankful and indebted to these dedicated volunteers who teach and guide each and every week.

Nursery >     Thank you to Sarah Smith who takes care of our littlest members each week.

Youth Groups >     Thank you to all of our youth leaders who plan, lead & care for our junior and senior high kids.

This Church Family >     How wonderful to be part of the family that sits downs to meals, works on projects, cleans where we gather, studies God's Word, gets creative, makes music, sings, praises, prays, comforts and loves one another. This family has shared tears of Love, Laughter and Pain, We've been the comforter and the comforted. As time passes in this place, we continue to get to know one another better and better and grow closer to God as we search out his plans for us. Thank You God for such an amazing church family, its Pastor, its members and its community. These are all Huge blessings for our jars. Amen. ~ anonymous