This year we usher in an new decade. A decade, as we knkow, is ten years. Ten years sounds like a lot, but at the same time it isn't. Think about it, our first ten years are filled with several changes and accomplishments. We start crawling, then walking, and before we know it, running. I remember spending hours playing on our swing set, chasing fireflies with cousins at family picnics, and sledding in the wintertime. At first we communicate with tiny squeaking noises signaling hunger or possibly discomfort, but, by the end of those first ten years we are quite the chatter boxes, sharing stories with friends telling jokes, laughing with family, and singing our favorite songs on the radio.

Over the next decade we continue to change physically, mentally, and with maturity. We get this brilliant idea that we can't wait to grow up. Drive a car, start dating, come and go at all hours of the day and night, because NO ONE is going to tell us what to do anymore. Basically, we have become a know it all and life for us is just beginning.

Life goes on, we finish school and have now moved on to the next decade. We might be a homeowner, a parent of one or more children, and we have a job. We join book clubs, sewing groups, play soccer with the guys, or join a dart league.

As we grow older the decades seem to fly by. My son-in-law said to me over the holidays that he blinked and his son was 10! So true, the time does feel like someone is just ripping page after page off the calendar. What we once thought of time not going by fast enough and our need to grow up has changed to where has the time gone. We wish we could slow it down, even just a little.

Time is something we can't stop or slow down, but we can use our time wisely. Start this year off with new resolutions, not what everyone else has in mind ... go to the gym more, watch what you eat, go to bed earlier, get up earlier, and the list goes on. This year spend more time with a loved one, a friend, getting to know a new acquaintance. Take up that hobby you have been thinking about trying. Go for long rides, alone or with a friend or family, to see places you have never been or keep saying someday we'll go there. Try new foods and give your taste buds a jolt. Just sit quietly and listen to the world around you - children laughing, birds singing, people chattering, the bees buzzing. Find a place within yourself and breathe.

This year is a Leap Year so bring God closer to you and take a leap into this new decade. Enjoy the next ten years making new friends, making new memories with family and friends, go on an adventure, slow down, take a breath because you will blink and before you know it we will be leaping into the next decade.

Love to all and God Bless,
Mrs. Nobody

P.S. "And suddenly you know ... It's time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings."