There's Enough to Go Around ...

Do you think that's true? Or do you think that there is rarely, if ever, enough?

In November we will consider those questions through a sermon series called "The Abundance of God". One author says this, "The idea of abundance is radical in a culture that constantly asks if there is enough for everyone. In the midst of these situations, celebrating the abundance if God takes the focus off ourselves and our needs and places it back where it belongs: on God's provision for his creation." In this series we will explore the following:

These are not easy questions. When we watch the news and see the ways that things like hurricanes and food scarcity and homelessness devastate so many people, it can make us hold on even tighter to the resources and things we have. It is easy to have doubts about whether God is even present in our struggling and hurting world where so many do not have enough, sometimes even to survive. It can be hard to remember that God's creation is at its heart, good and full and growing. Sometimes we need to be reminded that God's love and provision is overflowing and our role in His creation is to share what we have with others. God challenges us to live a life with our arms wide open, making it easier to let go of all that holds us back from living a life of generosity and joy.

In peace,
Pastor Dawn