Change and Grow

As you know, back in April, the church embarked on a journey to discover more about the experiences, perspectives and hopes of the members of the FRCW community. The consistory has received the results and we have begun to spend time considering what it all means. Some of the things we learned may surprise you, some may not. First, we wanted to say thank you to all who took the time to fill out the survey. As we prayerfully consider the next steps, we wanted to share a few of the results:

Our family vacationed in Nova Scotia this year, and one of our experiences brings to mind the survey and our journey as we consider what steps we take with this information. Nova Scotia is known for its incredible tides. We visited one spot where the tide varies by an average of 47.5 feet between low and high tide, every single day, twice! We went at high tide and then returned the next day to see what the same spot looked like at low tide. It was staggering to see the difference! Like these tides, our church changes and moves and grows as God works in us and through us with His amazing Spirit! To stay the same is to stagnate, to be willing to change and grow is to invite God's Kingdom in, right here on earth. I pray that we are able to open our selves to God's adventure for us this fall!

Pastor Dawn