Grief and Longing

"And they sat with him on the ground seven days and seven nights, and no one spoke a word to him, for they saw that his grief was very great." ~ Job 2:13

It has seems as though we have been grieving so much lately. Grieving for those who have moved. Grieving for lives that were once healthy and are now struggling with disease. Grieving for those we have loved and lost. Grieving for those who have been uprooted because of hurricanes or earthquakes or some other life altering event. Grieving for a country that feels more divided than united. Grieving is exhausting: physically, emotionally and spiritually exhausting. I see it in the way we move and talk to one another and fortunately in the way we care for one another. I have been touched by the care of so many as we have grieved together and alone.

We have all lost people and things and relationships. We have all grieved. It is our body and mind's way of dealing with loss and sadness. But behind all of the grief, perhaps after the initial grief, there is longing. A deep, hard to explain, raw longing in all of us. A longing for the way things used to be or could have been or should have been. Grief is the first step in reorganizing our expectations and days to fit around the changes we all face. Longing is a move towards that "new normal", as they have come to call it. A place where we begin to take in all that has happened and move forward, changed but moving.

In these moments of grief and longing I feel incredibly blessed to have God and this community around me. I hope you do as well. It is easier to bear grief and longing when we aren't doing it on our own. It is easier to know that God understands our grief and carries the pain with us. It has been my experience that the darkest moments often lead to a more intense relationship with God. It is often in the grief and longing that we notice how very much we need Him and the strength he offers. The longing becomes a longing for God and a desire for the peace that surpasses all understanding. The peace that can only come from our Creator and Sustainer, in all things ... Jesus Christ our Lord.

Peace and longing for God,
Pastor Dawn