Outdo One Another in Showing Honor

This summer I have been blessed to officiate at three weddings. It has been fun to see these three couples so in love and so excited about their life together. It has made me reminisce about my own wedding, almost 29 years ago. Jim and I were so young, 23 years old. We got married while we were still in college. I wonder if we had any idea what the future would hold. I imagine not. But one thing we knew for sure was that we loved each other and we were much better together than alone. Jim helped me to stay calm (yes, hard to believe, I used to be even crazier!) and I suppose in some ways I helped him to experience joy a little more. We brought the best out in one another. And that was enough. One of the passages used for the Menard wedding last month was Romans 12:10.

Let love be genuine;
hate what is evil, hold fast to what is good;
love one another with mutual affection;
outdo one another in showing honor.

It's a great passage for a wedding because the best and healthiest marriages are those when each person outdoes one another in showing honor. This could be said of any of our relationships. To show honor; to have high respect and esteem, to regard as a rare opportunity, to look on something that brings pride and pleasure; a privilege. What if more of us were able to treat each other this way? To outdo one another in showing honor. Even with people who think differently than we do. Even with people who live differently than we do. Even with our families, who can challenge us in what it means to love and honor. And what about our friends when they say something or do something that really hurts our feelings? Showing honor can be hard work. It's often easier to hold a grudge or cut others down to look better than them, but showing honor is exactly what God calls us to do. In fact, if we love and honor God, we will likewise love and honor one another. Rev Samuel Wells, a pastor from the UK, says this, "For it is God that stretches and trains our imaginations, God's creation that trains us to look on the world with astonishment and wonder, and God's limitless love for us that inspires us to imagine that we and others could begin to love like that." With the help of the One who made us, we too can outdo one another in showing honor.

Peace and love,
Pastor Dawn