Star Words - Seeking & Searching

It's that time of year again! Time for Epiphany! And that means it's time for everyone to get their new Star Word. Jeanette has been busy writing the words onto new stars to be handed out on January 13th! I wonder what yours will be this year?

During this past year it has been amazing to hear the many ways that people have sensed God through their Star Words. I have heard these stories shared worship, in Fellowship Hall, and even when visiting people in their homes. I have received phone calls, emails and texts as well. And at times I heard people voice confusion and frustration with their star word.

I enjoyed hearing Tara's honesty in worship last week as she admitted that it took her until the last week in December to understand what her star word meant for her life. God's timing often differs from ours quite a bit! But as I've mentioned in the past to those frustrated by their word, or God for that matter, it is in the seeking and searching that we discover so many things, about ourselves, about God and about our relationship with God. And the searching and seeking is really, at the end of the day, the thing that God asks of us. Even when that seeking doesn't always bring us to a deep and satisfying explanation, purpose or calling. It reminds us that our faith is far from linear, with a distinct beginning and end. Rather it is something that often comes it in fits and starts. Leaving us feeling dry and alone one moment and attached and connected another. I believe that is the very definition of faith, to trust that God is there, even when we cannot sense his presence.

If you miss worship on January 13th, be sure to pick up your star the following week. A different word will be written on each star. This word is going to act as a reminder to each of us to keep our eyes open for God’s Epiphanies throughout the year. Your word may be gentleness, love, goodness, peace, or something else. When you initially receive your star you may wonder why you recceived that particular star. But I am confident that throughout the year you will notice things happening in your life that seem directly connected to your word. And if you are like some of us who are struggling to see the connection, remember that it is in the seeking and searching that we see God.

This year promises to be busy, just like last year. It is easy to get caught up in all that has to be done and forget that God invites us to be still and look for Him. God gives us his full attention, are we willing to give him ours? Are we willing to keep our eyes and hearts open to His Epiphany?

Peace and star gifts be yours,
Pastor Dawn