Concerns for September 2017



Family of Candice Ansel Family of Gary Cerreta Family of Loyal Littlefield
Family of Gayle Van Wie Family of Steve Petersen Family of Liz Stephens
Family of Bill Collis Family of Carol Bryan Family of Albertine Fitzgerald
Family of Hilda Ernst Family of Liz Stepphens Family of Caroline
The Whalen Family The Wheeler Family Family of Jeff Stack
Deb Billy Judy LePage
Wendy Berry Melanie Bowman Susan Randall
Kim Killeen Milla Paxton Donna & Charlie Rockwell
Emily Peterson Leane Boehlke Paul Russo
Ralph Janet Batcher Lila Kratochvil
Karen Cronin Harriet Stockhoff Lillian Little
Chris Helwig Ben Lopez Ron Ritter
Rick Johnson Marcia Wainwright Stephen Wainwright
John Sullivan Harriet Dickinson Don Swankey
John Bell Stephen Mooney Marianne Matatt
Lillian Lorenz Education of our Youth People Who Are Lonely